“Blackout. Smoke. Intro rolling.
Breath, relax. Have fun.
One bar count in. I’m in.
And this is the best place to be right now.”


Drawing inspiration from an eclectic archive of diverse musical tastes, hobbies, and interests; Dario’s unique perspectives and strong propensity for pushing boundaries wherever possible, has heads turning and ears perked up as he continues to take the world of drums by storm. Dario has recently relocated to New York City, has been a member of the VicFirth Education Team Roster since 2008, continues to participate in various projects as a freelance studio artist, and is equipped with a rapidly expanding resume packed with collaborations, recordings, tours, and numerous endorsements including VicFirth sticks, Paiste cymbals, Evans drumheads and Shure systems. Dario Ciccioni is proving himself to be a powerful force to be reckoned with, and there is no sign of him stopping anywhere in sight. He is just warming up…

Dario began his life-long journey on Jan 3rd, 1984 in Novafeltria, Italy, although his ultimate quest didn’t begin until 1988, when his musically inclined parents decided to give the pots and pans a break and presented their sprightly sprout with a Walt Disney toy drum kit, sparkling an instant love affair. The possibilities became even more limitless three years later when he graduated to a real life drum kit. He made his public debut at the age of 7. Dario was deeply influenced during this developmental stage by his parent’s enthusiasm towards a myriad of different musical tastes, and a particular set of old Loewe LO60 loudspeakers, belonging to his father, in which he recalls blasting his favorite records while playing along and rocking out to his little heart’s content. Naturally, even twenty-something years later, these very speakers reside in Dario’s bedroom functioning as a precious artifact.

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