Dario is currently accepting job offers from bands and musicians for studio drum sessions and live performances.

Studio session

If you want to submit your request for a studio session, please make sure you’re sending all the needed infos:

  • Are you a band or a solo artist?
  • What kind of genre are you asking me to play in? Mp3 samples of your music are welcome.
  • What kind of recording quality are you asking for? Is this a demo/preproduction/album?
  • How many songs do I have to play?
  • Deadlines?

All the submitted requests will be considered and answered as soon as possible.

Live performance

If you want to ask Dario to be on stage with you, please make sure you can supply the following details:

  • What kind of band/project is this? Is it a cover band/gala band/original band?
  • When and where the gig/tour is gonna happen.
  • Setlist (Author-Song-Version)

Every request will be evaluated in the shortest time possible.